Cathedral of Shit

Cathedral of Shit homepage (as of 17/08/11)

Nobody knows who’s behind Cathedral of Shit (CoS), though I’ve seen a couple of suggestions circulating online. It’s a very funny (if occasionally vindictive) arts gossip/whistle-blowing blog. When I started working as a Gallery Assistant, I thought I had made a great discovery – only to find that everyone else  in the office reads it – mostly aloud during coffee breaks. I still enjoy it, even though a couple of friends have been the butt of the joke.

The majority of those who fill its pages could do with a bit of ego-deflation. So in that sense it’s providing a great public service.

Richard Phillips: Most Wanted

Richard Phillips, Robert Pattinson 2010, Oil on Linen, 241.3 x 198.1 cm (image:

Richard Phillips’ Most Wanted, previously on view at the White Cube in Hoxton, masquerades as a critique of consumer culture when in fact it is entirely subsumed by it. It presents itself as an interrogation of our desires but ultimately has nothing of value to say because it is bound to the very culture it critiques.

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